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Mission & Vision


To attain higher levels of excellence by providing professionalized treatment and specialized technical services, we are equipped with the most modern test instruments/test equipments available in Instrumentation and qualified technical staff for Calibration, testing, commissioning and maintenance in scheduled time. The best equipped contractor and the first company to have fieldbus calibrators in India.


» Qualified & experienced Instrument Engineers and Technician with excellent attitude and aptitude.
» Excellent relations with Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals and power industries.
» In-depth knowledge of :
1. Process Instrumentation for Oil, Gas & Petrochemicals and Power industry requirements.
2. Availability of Men, Master instruments/Test Equipments for execution of projects/maintenance in time.
3. Providing Training program for our staff with all the updates of Process Instrumentation.

Our Vision & Our Will

» Overall Quality Management.
» Get the most out of Productivity.
» On time commissioning of projects.
» Being the best and to maintain the same, we updated all developments happening in process instrumentation.
» We understand the importance of regular process instrument maintenance and calibration can improve product quality, operational efficiency, safety, environmental compliance and corporate profitability.
» At L-Tech, we assist you in this effort to provide Men/Tools designed to perform multiple function calibration services for process variables and to maintain the quality 100% of our master instrument is calibrated from NABL accredited labs.
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